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Disney Halloween Facts Day Ten!!

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Disney Halloween Facts

Day Ten!

Come here everyday for a new spooky Disney fact as we count down to Halloween!!

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Welcome back to Disney Halloween Facts! It's your host, sofieremix, back with another Halloweentown fun fact! Did you know that the first Halloweentown actually had a different ending? Halloweentown originally had a different ending. Instead of dropping the talisman in the giant pumpkin, Marnie was supposed to walk into the middle of a forest to plant the talisman, and as she got deeper into the forest, she would have become older. Prior to changing the ending, Kimberly, the actress who played Marnie, had gotten a cast molding of her face and prosthetics made. She said, "I still have the cement mold of my face. My parents were kind of like… 'oh, this is interesting,' 'cause its just me with my eyes closed. It’s kind of morbid." Even though the ending was scrapped, they got so far as making a mold of Marnie's head in order to achieve the effect. Since the ending was not used after all, Kimberly J. Brown ended up keeping the headpiece for herself. 

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