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Disney Halloween Facts Day Fourteen!!

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Disney Halloween Facts

Day Fourteen!

Come here everyday for a new spooky Disney fact as we count down to Halloween!!


Welcome back my Palace Witches to Disney Halloween Facts. I’m your host, sofieremix, here with some more halloween movie facts. Today, we are focusing on one of my favorite Disney movies ever, the 1975 version of “Escape to Witch Mountain”. As I assume many of you don’t know the plot, Tony and Tia Malone (Eisenmann and Richards) are an orphaned brother and sister who have remarkable psychic powers such as telepathy, psychokinesis and precognition. When a millionaire businessman named Bolt (Milland) attempts to become their guardian in order to exploit their gifts, the children flee and find their way -- with the help of an elderly, cantankerous loner (Albert) making a cross-country drive -- to Witch Mountain, an epicenter of strange phenomena that may hold the answers about the children's past.

This movie was first made because Disney was looking to reinvent itself after the death of founder Walt, and wanted this movie to be dark and edgy. Did you know Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann, who play the children in this movie and in Return from Witch Mountain (1978), appeared in a scene in Race to Witch Mountain (2009)? Eisenmann is "Sheriff Antony" in the bar, and Richards is "Tina" the waitress. In this movie and its 1978 sequel, their names were similar: "Tony" and "Tia", respectively. At one point during the fight scene between Tony and Truck, Dermott Downs punched the bat so hard, it hit Ike Eisenmann. In some scenes, despite the make-up department's best efforts, you can see a greenish bruise under his left eye. The rarest piece of merchandising for this movie is the "Witch Mountain Flyer", a Frisbee adorned with the movie's title and an image of a spaceship. The name of the mysterious item that Tia carried around, which contained a map, was a "star case". Tia's star case, which housed the map to Witch Mountain, had an additional purpose in the novel. In Key's novel, Tia was mute (but communicated telepathically with Tony) and carried pencils and paper in the star case to write notes to people. Finally, despite many debates, some people argue there are hidden Mickey’s within the movie, as the movie does contain references to Disney. In one scene, Tony and Tia go on an outing to see the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).

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