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Introduction the one... The only.. Justin ^_^

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Hello Everyone! my name is Justin Aerts but I am mostly known as JustinsWorld4U. I am 13 Years of age and I am originally from France but I live in Ireland which makes me bilingual. I speak perfectly English as I do with French so I can communicate with the most of people :)! I love Disney, Disney is my favorite thing and also Pixar, I love their works and I love how they always make perfect movies! My favorite movie is actually a franchise and it is Cars. I think Cars 3 is the best, then Cars 1 then Cars 2. What is your favorite Disney or Disney Pixar movie? I like too many to list.

I've been into Palace Network since the birth of MCMagic, I have a few videos of those on my channel sub to justinsworld4u  about the new release of Epcot I believe and I have created many things such as my own type of DCL and the New York Hotel in Disneyland Paris. So really I've been here since 2012 or 13 but only started using the forums yesterday.

I love to make new friends and I love helping others out. I used to but I think i'll start again doing not officially  organised hide and seeks where I get a group of people who have nothing else better to do and we just do a fun round of hide and seek! I used to do this a lot and I was known as the "Hide and Seek  Guy" for a brief while (AKA: a week).

If you want to hang out or anything you know where to find me, i'm on most of the day and if you want to hang around and walk around in the park add me as a friend or message me in the comments! I'll also love for you to answer some of these questions :)!

-What is your favorite(s) Disney Pixar or Disney movie (Cars 1,2,3, Toy Story 1,2,3 Coco and many more!)

-Why do you like this or these movies so much? (Because they're so nostalgic)

-Have you ever been to a Disneyland before and how many times? (I've been 5 times)

-Have you ever played a Disney Pixar or Disney Movie Game before? (I've played Cars 1 the video game and I love it so much every time I play it I always feel nostalgia and also with the Toy Story 3 Game)

-Are you exited for Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4 (Yes for Incredibles but I think it's stupid for a toy story 4 and the third ended perfectly).


Thanks for reading and have an amazing, wonderful and a magical day here!

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