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Disney Halloween Facts Day Fifteen!!

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Disney Halloween Facts

Day Fifteen!

Come here everyday for a new spooky Disney fact as we count down to Halloween!!

through the years kiss GIF by Mickey Mouse

Did you know the Mickey Jack O Lantern is one of the most Instagrammed places during the Halloween season? They didn’t share any specific numbers, but I believe it. A quick search of Disneyland as a location right now uncovers dozens upon dozens of photos featuring the iconic jack o’ lantern. Also, the Mickey Jack O’ Lantern features two different faces! Despite working at the Disneyland Resort for five years and visiting regularly for years since I somehow never realized that the Mickey jack o’ lantern on Main Street smiles at you when you come in the park and is winking at you as you leave. In regards to the gingerbread house, the same team has worked on the house since the tradition began in 2001. This year we learned what goes into a gingerbread house inside Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Holiday, but during the special, we learned that the same team has worked on the gingerbread house for the last 18 years. There also has been a hidden Mickey in every Haunted Mansion gingerbread house. Since 2001, there has been a hidden Mickey somewhere on the gingerbread house inside Great Hall. The hidden Mickey was added by Karlos Siquieros, Manager of Food and Beverage Concept, for his children. Each year Siquieros comes to the park during Halloween time with his kids to see if they can find it. Each year, his oldest daughter finds it and now she is going to school in hopes of following in her father’s footsteps.

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