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Disney Halloween Facts Day Eighteen!!

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Disney Halloween Facts

Day Eighteen!

Come here everyday for a new spooky Disney fact as we count down to Halloween!!

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Welcome back spooky, scary Palace Peeps to Disney Halloween Facts! I’m your host, sofieremix, here to share some fun facts into a highly anticipated event: USO’s Halloween Horror Nights! As a reminder, the first night of Palace’s Halloween Horror Nights is this Saturday, September 19th, starting at 7 PM EST. I hope you all are excited! The house at the Media preview scared the lights out of me!

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But speaking of the event, do you know how the event was started in real life? The original concept of this event was to have a huge Halloween party throughout the Universal Studios Florida theme park. Little did the creators know that this spine-tingling affair would turn into a global phenomenon for over a quarter of a century. The Horror aspect of the event is actually supposed to be mixed with Mardi Gras. Fright Nights (original name of Halloween Horror Nights) was marketed to local teenagers and adults as a place with a “Mardi-Gras” party theme, except with a ghoulish vibe. Ever wonder how the scarezones began? In 1994, Horrorwood was the first scarezone that featured the Chainsaw Drill Team, the Lizzie Borden Band and Axe Corps. This new concept provided a safer way of organizing the crowds on theme park streets. 1994 also brought about the “scareactor.” Since HHN was becoming one of the most popular Halloween events in the country, Universal wanted to have a school to organize and teach the actors of the event. So, Ghoul School was created. Here scareactors would learn things such as ways to apply one’s makeup effectively. 

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Now, if you think scare actors are scary, what about scary slime? During 1991, performers in The Dungeon maze were able to add their own spin to frighten guests. One performer brought buckets of slime from Nickelodeon Studios to enhance his performance. Unfortunately, one night an unsuspected guest received a huge amount of slime on accident and slime was banned from the houses. Also, many of the normal USO rides used to be “horrified” during the season. During the 2nd year of the event, Universal added a scary element to their attractions. A term they coined as “horror-fied.” Each attraction that was open would have an additional layer of terror added to it such as the Alien Forest in E.T. Adventure. In the Alien Forest, guests would try to escape from a ghoulish demon infested forest to an alien world. Complete with dry-ice and scareactors around every turn. 

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