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My Own Disney Cruise Ship / New York Hotel.

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See, I built this back when MCMagic existed and then my plot got wiped so yeah, I even signed up to get my plot in the update but never got it. Anywho, I  have a video of it on my youtube channel of I think when I was 7 years old. I built this with a few other people and we made it unique. The inside looks nothing like it, I KNOW, but the outside we tried to make it look as real as possible. If any mods or helpers can help me get this old plot back it would be amazing. 

I also built the New York hotel from DisneyLand Paris in it. I counted the blocks and in total I used 123,543 blocks to do my creations, from walls to furniture, floors to roofs. It was a mess. But it was worth it! Check it out!:

Disney Cruise Ship: 


New York City Hotel: 


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