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Presenting... Marvel Creative Character Village!

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Marvel CCV, is a place where you, the community, can come and build the homes of your favourite characters! This can be inspired by the films you've seen them in, from the parks, or even your wildest imagination! The opportunities are endless when it comes to this! We include all your favourites starting from Captain America going all the way down to Groot, from Wonder Woman to Batman. The choice is yours!

How do you apply? I'm glad you asked! 
Using the form attached below, you can apply for a Character from that set list! We will then read your three picks and then give you whichever one has yet to be built on! You will get messaged via Discord private message the Character you have been assigned, the ID of your plot, and then how to get there! The message format will likely resemble this;


Hello! Congratulations, you have got the Character: Helopoh.
You can get there, by doing /join Creative and /warp CCV.
Your plot number is: H3, enjoy!

If you finish your first plot, feel free to apply for another!

We hope to see your application soon, and find all the links you may need below. Happy building!

Creative Lead


GOOGLE FORM FOR APPLYING: https://forms.gle/MNewHg3iAAM9skrR9


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