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Disney Halloween Facts Day Twenty Five!!

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Disney Halloween Facts

Day Twenty Five!

Come here everyday for a new spooky Disney fact as we count down to Halloween!!

(Yes we are jumping to 25 because I forgot days 18-24 sorry!)

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Today's Halloween facts are focusing on another beloved ride at Disney - The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride!! Did you know the ride was originally going to be a wax museum? The initial plan was to create a walk-through wax museum where guests could get up close and personal with villains throughout history, though the focus was eventually narrowed to pirates. When Disney's It’s a Small World and Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln animatronics were hugely successful at the 1964 World's Fair, elements of each were incorporated into the ride and the museum idea was scrapped. There are a lot of fun details also scattered throughout the ride to look out for! Before you enter the building, be sure to check out the wrought iron fence on the balcony. The stylized initials “WD” and “RD” have been worked into the iron, representing Walt and Roy. When you get inside the ride, see if you can count all of the animatronic figures. You should come up with a total of 122: 68 humans and 54 animals. And finally, here’s the creepiest detail of all: For many years, it’s been rumored that the ride contains a real skull amongst the many fake ones. Disney Parks has never confirmed this, but a cast member has.

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