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ScanWorks was kind enough to greatly assist me in unlinking my old discord, and relinking my new one

This is a small thing to you maybe Scan but for me it means a lot

You see, I spent 6 years on that account... There is a lot of good memories... but also bad... Failed friendships, arguments, stupid things I've said, and cringey memories from specifically 2016 and 2017 

You helping me in the process of ridding myself of all those memories that hurt to look back to, It means a lot, You've assisted me in moving on from pretty much- everything in my virtual life so far, and starting a new chapter- No, a WHOLE NEW BOOK! with no stuff to make me regret things I don't need to regret. 

Thank you :)
I can see why you are in the position you are, truly a leader in guest experience

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