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Disney Parks: Fact or Fiction Quiz Part 2!

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Hello Everyone and welcome back to Disney Parks: Fact or Fiction Quiz!

Part 2!

The rules of this quiz is very simple. Ill give a piece of Disney Parks trivia. This trivia includes Disney Parks all over the world. All you have to do is say whether the piece of trivia I said is fact or fiction, true or false! The questions will progressively get more difficult as the quiz goes on. And PLEASE no cheating.

With that being said, let's get this game started!


This time there will be 6 questions, one from every Disney resort! With that being said, let's start off with the resorts in the states!

1. The four new areas coming to Epcot that will replace World Showcase and Future World will be called World Showcase, World Discovery, World Nature, and World Celebration.

Fact or Fiction


This is a Fact!  With the proposed renovation of Epcot, Future World will be split up into 4 different areas with World Showcase remaining!New Details Revealed for the Historic Transformation of Epcot Underway at  Walt Disney World Resort | Disney Parks Blog

Was that easy for you? How about this one?

2. Disneyland Park has a total of 47 attractions! (Attractions include ride, shows, and exhibits.)

Fact or Fiction


This answer is  Fiction! They actually have a total of 53 attractions according to Wikipedia. 200.gif

And we are done with the easy ones. The next two will be more difficult, though.

3. Disneyland Paris has only 2 riverboats that are both replicas of the Mark Twain riverboat at Disneyland.

Fact or Fiction


This was a hard one. The answer is Fiction! While they do have 2 riverboats, only one is a replica of the Mark Twain. It goes by the same name, but it is sadly abandoned and in need of maintence. It currently lives in a shed hidden from view of the public. The other river boat is called the Molly Brown and it is the only side wheel riverboat at a Disney Park! Mark Twain Riverboat | Disney Wiki | Fandom

That was kind of difficult but not too difficult.

4. The last time Tokyo Disneyland got a ride was 5 years ago!

Fact or Fiction


This was another Fiction answer! Tokyo Disneyland last ride actually opened September 21 of this year! This new ride is a trackless dark ride themed to Beauty and the Beast!

 beauty and the beast dancing GIF

And now we get to the hard questions. The last two will be the hardest and will come from Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland!

5. Hong Kong Disneyland's version of Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin has recently been rethemed and is now called Antman and the Wasp Nano Battle.

Fact or Fiction


This is a Fact! To go along with their version of Avengers Campus, this ride was recently rethemed to go along with the new land.

jurassic world avengers GIF by Box Office

Last question! How many have you got so far? I hope you are prepared!

6. Shanghai's Jungle Cruise is the longest and largest of all the Jungle Cruises.

Fact or Fiction


This is Fiction! Shanghai Disneyland actually does not have a jungle cruise. Instead, they have Voyage to the Crystal Grotto, a ride similar to the Jungle Cruise as they both have you board a boat with a skipper, but different in the theme. 

How many did you guys get? Did you get all 6? Let me know down in the comments below! I hope that you enjoyed my second quiz and let me know if you would like to see a Part 3! Thank you!


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