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Space News - 9/27/20

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Daily Space News - 9/27/20


Delta IV Heavy Launch Update!

The NROL-44 mission on the Delta IV has been rescheduled to Tuesday! There is no current set time for it to launch but we can expect it to be around 12am EST.


SpaceX Falcon 9 Starlink-12 Mission

The Starlink-12 mission on the Falcon 9 has been scheduled for Monday at 10:22am EST. It will launch from Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A.



SpaceX Falcon 9 GPS III SV04 Mission

The GPS III SV04 mission on the Falcon 9 has been scheduled for Tuesday at 9:55pm EST It will launch from Cap Canaveral Air Force Station SLC-40.

Falcon 9 - SpaceFlight Insider

SpaceX Falcon 9 Crew-1 Mission

The SpaceX Crew-1 Mission team is now certified for flight! Here is an photo they took a few days ago.


Photos Of The Day

Today's photos of the day are of the Space Shuttles Enterprise and Discovery!





That is all the news for September 27, 2020!

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