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Palace Daily News: September 28, 2020

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Wow is it the end of September already? Where in the world did this month go!!

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Good Morning Palace Peeps! The Daily News is back after a brief hiatus because someone had a lot of homework to catch up on - but now I am ahead so I can grace you with some more halloween facts. However, given that lovely poll I had you all answer, I am doing something a bit different today. Since we are all in quarantine and won't be able to celebrate Halloween outside, I am going to switch it up. Not only will you now get to read Halloween facts on here, we will also start featuring some DIY activities you can enjoy to help you get spooky at home! Let's dive into it!!

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Are you a fan of icky, gooey slime? Well, let's make some spooky slime that glows in the dark! Here are the tools you will need:

  • 2 bottles of Elmer's white school glue (4 oz each)
  • 1 bottle of glow in the dark paint (2 oz)
  • Food coloring (Neon green and neon orange recommended but you can do any color!)
  • ½ cup liquid starch 
  • Black light (Optional, but charging the slime with a lamp doesn't yield as bright a result)

So, once you gather your supplies, let's get cookin! Put on your favorite spooky Disney songs and empty the 2 bottles of glue into a large bowl. Then, fill the glue bottles with warm water and shake them to remove any of the remaining glue. Then, pour the water from the bottles into the bowl of glue and mix it well.

Next, add 4 tablespoons of glow in the dark paint into the glue mixture, add a few drops of food coloring, and stir till combined.

Finally, pour in the ½ a cup of liquid starch. Pour in a little at a time and stir slowly. Stirring too much will cause the slime to become touch - too little and too sticky. Continue adding the tablespoon of starch until the slime is thick enough. Then, knead the slime with your hands to get rid of any remaining water puddles. Lastly, when you are storing your slime, keep it under a black light. When you charge your slime using a strong lamp or using the ultraviolet light of a black light the phosphors become energized and will radiate after the lights are turned off.

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And now for some daily motivation!! Today's motivation is "Dig a Little Deeper!" We all face road blocks on the path of life - those bumps in the road that make our goals seem even further away. But this is just a part of being human since we all understand that life isn't perfect. Maybe it's not getting accepted this round for the guide program (which btw is not a personal attack just to note) or it's the sadness of not being able to go outside on Halloween night. It's sad to face these things initially but just because a roadblock stops one path doesn't mean you can take another. Today, look at the things in life you feel stuck on and find ways to get around or over those blocks. How can you help friends who are feeling lost or stuck at this point in their lives? And how can you find ways to celebrate your favorite holidays while following pandemic regulations? You can always look right here - we are all here for you!

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