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Space News - 9/28/20

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Daily Space News - 9/28/20


Falcon 1 Anniversary

Today is the 12th anniversary of the 4th flight of the Falcon 1. If this flight failed, SpaceX would not be here today.

Falcon 1 - Rocket Entry | SpaceX | Rocket Rundown

Delta IV Heavy Launch Update!

The NROL-44 mission on the Delta IV has been scheduled for Tuesday at 12:02am EST, basically today!

ULA Delta IV Heavy rocket launch scrubbed again

SpaceX Falcon 9 Starlink-12 Mission

The Starlink-12 mission on the Falcon 9 was scrubbed at T-0:50, or 50 seconds before lift off. Everything was a go except weather.

Falcon 9 - Rocket Entry | SpaceX | Rocket Rundown

Rocket Lab In Focus Mission

The In Focus mission on the Electron is scheduled for sometime in October. We do not know the exact dates just yet.


Photos Of The Day

Today's photos of the day are of the Delta IV Heavy and Galveston Space Center (Taken by Chris Cassidy in the ISS)




That is all the news for September 28, 2020!

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