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Palace Daily News: September 29, 2020

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Good morning Palace Peeps! Welcome back to the Haunted Palace Daily News! I'm your host sofieology with another Halloween DIY! Now, I know everyone is sad that we cannot celebrate MNSSHP in person this year, but I am here to give you guys some fun DIYs so you can bring the event into your home!! Let's check out two cool ones for today!


Ever want to have your own poison apple? Well, here's how you can make one from home! Here are the materials you will need:

  • 1 Plastic Apple (any color will do)
  • High Gloss Red Spray Paint (or whatever color you want)
  • Black and Brown Craft Paint
  • Black Iridescent Glitter

First, spray paint the apple with high gloss red. You an also use paint to fill in any missed spots, just make sure the color matches. Let the paint dry completely. For the best result, stick a wooden skewer in the bottom and spray paint it that way. I would recommend doing this step outside as it will stain!

Next, pour the black paint, straight from the bottle, over the apple. Aim for the stem and let it run down the sides in a few places. When the paint stops oozing immediately sprinkle with black glitter. Note: Don't let the black paint cover all of the apple's color! If possible, hang your apple by the stem to dry or you'll get pooling at the bottom.

Then, let the apple sit undisturbed overnight or until the paint is completely dry. It normally takes 24 hours for the pain in the center to dry, as the paint gets thick.

Finally, paint the stem brown and you are all set! If you want a shinier apple, you can top it with a high glass top coat!


Now, let's try making the infamous Mickey Pumpkin Wreath!

You will need the following items:

  • 1 Floral Wreath
  • 2 Foam 4" Half Balls (3.9")
  • Craft Pumpkin
  • Faux Fall Garland
  • Yellow Foam Sheet
  • Orange Foam Sheet
  • Glue Gun
  • Super Flue
  • Crafting Wire (steel)
  • Orange Paint (optional for behind the ears)

To start, make the wreath! Use a hot glue fun to place the garland around until the wreath is full. Reserve a few pieces to later fill in after securing the pumpkin in place.

Next, prepare Mickey's ears. If you are going to paint the back of the foam balls, do it now so they can dry. If not, trace the flat circular side onto orange foam and trim. Use super glue to secure the orange foam circles onto the foam and put them aside to dry. DON'T use hot glue on the foam as it will melt the ears.

Then, cut yellow foam into Mickey's face. I recommend printing a picture to use as a template! Sketch the drawing onto paper first and then use that to cut the foam into shapes. Use super glue to set the pieces into place on the pumpkin.

Moving on, glue the ears onto the pumpkin using super glue. Position the ears and glue directly onto the flat portion of the back of the pumpkin. Let it dry completely.

Next, secure the pumpkin to the wreath using the wire. Since the crafting pumpkin is soft, press the wire right through the stem and then wrap it and secure the wreath to the base. You can adjust it to make sure your pumpkin is centered and that the ears sit flat.

And that's it! Hang it up and enjoy your party at home!

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