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Hello everyone!

By now, I'm sure you're all very familiar with our Creative Spotlight segment on our monthly episodes of the Palace Forecast! We feature one plot a month, and show off the creator's building genius! 

Today I'm here to say that we're streamlining an application process, and you can submit your plot to be reviewed for Creative Spotlight RIGHT HERE!

Here's what you need to do:

Please reply to this topic with the following questions.

  • What is your in-game username?
  • What is your plot called?
  • What is the theme/idea behind your plot?
  • Is there anything interesting you want us to discuss about your plot?
  • What are some specific highlights that you want us to feature?



I look forward to getting to see all of your wonderful creations! :)

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1. DevShady 2. Palace Cruise Line 3. A modern and realistic/custom cruise liner, parked at a terminal (unfinished) 4. Because of lots of detail on the plot, it may cause lag while filming, and I ask that the terminal interiors are not filmed, as they are unfinished. In addition, the ship was built on the blank resource pack, however it works fine with the WDW pack, however it may cause more lag. The plot took 3 and a half months to build, and was almost completely a solo work. 5. I would like if mainly areas of the pool deck (Decks 11-13) and the main decks (decks 4-6) were filmed, especially the marketplace/theater, however any other decks would work, including crew areas, and any exterior shots would be fine.

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1. mattpew  2. A Christmas Village (/plotwarp xmas_village) 3.This plot is literally all about Christmas. I wanted to make something that no matter what time of year you can listen to Christmas music with a beautiful backdrop. 4. The plot itself was built only built by mattpew. The tree can be turned on and off. I had a world on Xbox 360 that had some of the buildings that you see in the plot, but the on thing that always was missing was the mountain range surrounding it. I said to myself back when I started the project, that if I was to remake it, It had to be full surrounded, to make it feel completely immersive. Work started back on August 1st and finished on November 14th of this year. 5. The plot currently has no rides, but I think all the different angles of the plot make up for it. When you take you're first steps into the plot, you see you are surrounded by mountains. Then you see the massive Christmas tree all lit up. All around the plot there are different houses named to classic Christmas movies. But from each different corner of the plot you get a view of the tree and the mountains behind it. My favorite thing to do is to walk past the gingerbread house, up the stairs to Santa's outlook and watch the snow fall and listen to Christmas music. 

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1. FirellisticWDW  


2. A Christmas wonderland, 


3. The theme is to make others feel like there sucked into a world of Christmas, And to make other people happy in a Christmas world! 


4. My plot has 3 main lands Christmas Magic, The Christmas Hub, And The north pole, The rides are the Polar Express, The great Christmas movie ride, Christmas walkthrough, And Reindeer Dash! Also we started building back in August!


5. The Giant Santa Castle standing high over everything, And all the lands!


NOTE: I Have a plotwarp /Plotwarp CW !


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