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Musical Interview!: BobRosscoe

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Hello! Here is a new thing i started Musical interview where I interview people about musicals! with @BobRosscoe


1: What was the first musical you saw? The Lion King while it was on tour in Edinburgh! It was amazing and I still cherish it in my heart.


2: What is your favorite musical? Wicked is always in my favourites but I would also say Come From Away as I love the message and story. I also really enjoy the story of Dear Evan Hansen. Everybody's talking about Jamie is also a fave of mine.


3: What was your favorite musical you saw in person? Definetly Come from Away with Rachel Tucker as Beverly Bass. However, Rachel Tucker as Elphaba on broadway... AMAZING.

4: What are the best seats you had at a show? Oh good question. The seats I had to see Legally Blonde in Glasgow were amazing. 3rd Row and in the centre.


5: What shows have you seen? Lion King x2 Wicked x 5/6/7 maybe Everybodys talking about Jamie x2 &Juliet Mamma Mia Legally Blonde Avenue Q x2 Dreamgirls Hamilton Shrek The Musical Hairspray Annie Rocky Horror Cats Mary Poppins Aladdin Come From Away Thriller Billy Elliot High School Musical Elf Spelling Bee Kinky Boots

6: Broadway Or Westend? Westend because its closer to me!

7: Who is your favorite broadway actor/actress? If you couldn't tell it is Rachel Tucker. Best Elphaba and her voice is absolutely incredible! I do love Courtney Bowman of Six too!

8: What is your favorite proshot musical or favorite movie adaptation of a show? Oh god! Mamma Mia maybe? It is an absolute bop! I do like Hairspray too... I am so excited for the adaption of Everybodys talking about Jamie though!

In the comments who should I interview next!

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