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Make a thanksgiving meal, and we will tell you which Disney family you are celebrating thanksgiving with!

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What is your main meat?

A. Vegetarian or vegan is the future!

B. Chicken

C. Turkey

D. Ham


Choose a delicious side

A. Stuffing

B. Mashed potatoes

C. Cranberry Sauce

D. Cornbread


Choose another side

A. Sweet Potato Casserole

B. Brüssel sprouts

C. Green Beans

D. Mac and Cheese


Choose a type of soup

A. Baked potato soup

B. French Onion Soup

C. Pea and carrot soup

D. Meatball soup


Choose a pie for dessert

A. Cherry pie

B. Pumpkin pie

C. Apple Pie

D. Blueberry pie


If you answered mostly A’s, you should be celebrating Thanksgiving with The Robinson family! Meet The Robinsons) they are creative and are always looking for something memorable for thanksgiving!!


If you answered mostly B’s, you should be celebrating Thanksgiving with The Incredibles (The Incredibles). With their powers and family love, this would be such a great thanksgiving meal!


If you answered mostly C’s, you should celebrate Thanksgiving with The Duck Family (Donald duck and his family). With Huey Douie and Louie causing havoc and a classic traditions duck like Donald, things will certainly be interesting.


If you answered mostly D’s you should celebrate Thanksgiving with The Muppets (Muppets)! This family is big and chaotic, but they love each other very much and are supportive of each other! You will have lots of fun and jokes!

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