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Huxleigh's Intro!

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Hello Everyone! If you don't know who I am, my name is Huxleigh! Hux for short! Here are a few fun things about me!

  • I've gotten a few questions on how to pronounce my username so here is a quick pronunciation! Hux-lee!
  • Ironically enough I am not a huge fan of Disney! I haven't seen very many movies and only went to Disney when I was 6. But this server had such kind people and I loved the charm of the server! And I've loved learning more and more about Disney because of this server!
  • My favorite color is: Blue!
  • I'm a part of the Media Team here on the Palace Network! It's been a blast!
  • I first joined the server in early 2019! And I've been a staff member for a few months now!
  • My favorite food is weirdly Potatoes. Strange, I know! 🥔u5x_AvV8DhT2VHCgIz38HYtipstO-3C3buYuLoQH71hcb9bPTeVreYhsupsgvhrY69be8Xxtzqr7HR3bDiYS8yJzRNP_xjdW4fkFcnXyWFeYJhBu_tJRdmizQuC7xcD8Las9v_dg
  • My favorite show is either Wishes or Dreams! They are both so pretty! 
  • I listen to a lot of Musical Theatre! If you want to geek out about many musicals don't be afraid to message me :))

That is enough about me! I hope you all have an amazing day! <33

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