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Rory's (weird) Introduction!

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Heyo everyone! My name is Rory! Some of you know me as 'TheRealRory' but here's my introduction!

1. I'm a huge Nintendo fan. You could also say that I know a lot about Wii stuff since I play a lot of the games on the Wii.

2. I'm a great parkourist. I know how to do a lot of parkour jumps. Want me to help you with parkour jumps? Simply just DM me on Discord and I'll teach you a strat!

3. I've been playing on The Palace Network for 6 months now!

4. I'm from UK! (UK gang)

5. I'm currently 13 years old!

6. I'm just really an ordinary Palace Network player. You may see me on the server for a lot of the time.

7. My favourite singer is Ariana Grande! I listen to a lot of her songs! (She's a queen 💖)

8. I love eating pizza!

9. My favourite Disney movies are Inside Out and Wreck-It-Ralph!


And that's about it from me. Now you've probably learnt some new facts from me! I hope to see you all around in the parks! 💖

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