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Creators Project Guide:

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Hello there! So most people have heard of the creators project. If not here's what it is: A project that singles people for their great work on their plot, then after they apply (via forums) the creative leadership people will come to your plot and see your building style! But what are they looking for? That's where I come in:

1. Lots of textures, textures and make or break a build. A building looks better when it has more blocks around it and more detailed

2. Small details: For example head details (found in the creative menu) or buttons on the ground for small rocks 

3. Try building in different styles! Instead of building in the same overused style of a square or rectangle try building a floating island or a circle house! Be creative!

I hoped this helped you for when you apply in the future for the creative project! And best of luck if you do! 


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