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Coming soon is the fastest ride ever made for Walt Disney world! Test Track has been around since March 17th, 1999! We are so excited to be adding it to our park and cannot wait for you all to enjoy it the day it opens! Now there is no set date just yet but when we get closer to finishing it, there will be a fast pass distribution! Stand-by will be open as well but we think it will be a long wait. When you enter the front doors of the ride you will be transported into the Chevrolet design studio, where cars that haven’t been made and have been made are stored, and put on display, then you will enter your design studios and will be able to create your own unique car design! (Please note that the sign for the design studios do not work sadly it’s for the storyline.) Test Track is currently in it’s early stages of construction meaning it will be a while before we are able to open. But stay tuned for more updates for both Test Track and Epcot Park!



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