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I need help!

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So, to make a long story short I may have lost my Minecraft account. I am talking to Mojang to see if they can help but so far nothing yet. If I have to buy a new Minecraft account, can i transfer my rank to that account if I show proof of purchase for that rank. Any help from a mod will be great.


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Hi there @_Luke__Skyrunner!

This is a request for our store and billing team, they should be able to offer you advice. If you click the 'Support' tab at the top of your forums page, you can scroll down on that page to the 'New Request' button to submit a new support ticket. From there, someone will be able to contact you about your issue. It will then appear under 'Your Support Requests' for you to see responses. Here is a direct link if you need it: https://forums.palace.network/support/

Hope this helps!

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