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Emporium_ (what else do I put lol)

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Hello! I’m Emporium! Some of you might remember me as PorkyPenguin or GrimGrinningGhosts but I used to play on this server a lot and plan on coming back! Here are some Q&As!


Magic Kingdom 🪄 

Favorite Ride: Splash Mountain

Least Favorite Ride: Carousel

Favorite Restaurant: Be Our Guest

Favorite Land: Tomorrowland


🏐 Epcot 🚅

Favorite Ride: Test Track

Least Favorite Ride: Frozen Ever After

Favorite Restaurant: Garden Grill

Favorite Land: The Land


🎥 Hollywood Studios 🍿 

Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror

least Favorite Ride: Alien Saucers

Favorite Restaurant: Sci Fi Dine in

Favorite Land: Grand Avenue 


🌳 Animal Kingdom 🦒 

Favorite Ride: Flight of Passage

least Favorite Ride: Triceratops Spin

Favorite Restaurant: Yak and Yeti

Favorite Land: Pandora


🦸‍♂️ Islands of Adventure 👓

Favorite Ride: HP and the Forbidden Journey

least Favorite Ride: Storm Force

Favorite Restaurant:  Comic Strip Cafe

Favorite Land: Hogsmeade


🎆Universal Studios 🌏 

Favorite Ride: Revenge of the Mummy

Least Favorite Ride: Woody Woodpecker

Favorite Restaurant: Leaky Cauldron

Favorite Land: Diagonal Alley



Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite Food: Cookies

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

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