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My Compliments goes to the whole Palace community.

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This server is probably the best server there is to Minecraft. It might not have Mini games such as skywars and bedwars and what not, but this server does not need those things to be good. We have the whole community to make it amazing! See, when I joined back in 2012, I was astonished to how amazing and how many details were put into the server but not so much when I saw how many people were on at the time (10) now when we look at it, we get hundreds of hundreds of people everyday! 

I would really like to thank ALL, and I really mean, ALL Staff members for making Palace Network such a magical and happy place. The work put into shows and parades is just amazing! I love wishes because it is so nostalgic and yet so perfect! The community is awesome because not only I found my best friend here at Palace, formally we used to know it as "MCMagic", I have not had a single day playing here without making new friends. Don't want to get all emotional but this server to me is one big family where everyone treats everyone with respect and everyone likes each other in many ways, such as friends to best friends! 

Thank you to all for making this place such a wonderful place not only to me, but for all of us.

Thank you.  

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