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TPC 2021 Information and Frequently Asked Questions

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THEMEPARKCON 2021 - Information and FAQ (Last Updated: 3/6/2021, 2:30 PM ET)

Welcome to the ThemeParkCon 2021 Information and FAQ! Overtime, this post will be updated to add new information.


Questions in bold- Answers in italics

What is ThemeParkCon 2021? ThemeParkCon 2021 is an annual event on Palace Creative where players came together to talk about, present, and discuss all things theme parks, theater, and more! At TPC, creators will show off their newest projects to the server and present information about them, as well as check out other people's projects!

Where is it happening? ThemeParkCon 2021 is not a real-life event, but rather, a digital one. It will be hosted on the Palace Network Creative Server, at EpiCentral (a plot operated by Fuse Entertainment Company), with the main festivities at SPARK Convention Center (booths & panels). The booths will be located in the Imagination Hall and Insight Hall, and panels will be hosted inside the Passion and Integrity Ballrooms. Overnight services will be provided at the nearby Tempo Landing Hotel.

When is it happening? ThemeParkCon 2021 will take place between April 22nd and April 24th, 2021. Specific schedules and panel times are coming soon. During this time, the booths at Spark Convention Center and booking at Tempo Landing Hotel will be open. Panels will be scheduled during the event.

What is a booth? Can I get one? A booth is a stand that you can build to present your theme park to convention attendees! Booth Registration/Construction for TPC 2021 is now open! Please see the TPC 2021 Registration Guide for information on how to reserve your very own booth!

What are the booth dimensions? What are the limits? Every booth is the same size, 5x7 blocks. You can build on the outlines, but not outside of them. Signs and other extra details that are not blocks are allowed to be placed on the exterior walls of the outline, however. The dig limit is 2 blocks below ground level and the height limit is 8 blocks above ground level.

What is a panel? How can I see one? Can I get one myself? A panel is a short show hosted at Spark Convention Center where you can talk about theme parks, announce info for your own theme park, or even just discuss theme park development and creativity! They will be scheduled for 25 minute-blocks each on the days of the convention. Panel Registration for TPC 2021 is now open! Please see the TPC 2021 Registration Guide for information on how to reserve your very own panel!

What are the rules? The rules of the convention are the same as Fuse Plot Rules and Guidelines. They have been copied here for your convenience.

For the safety and enjoyment of our guests and staff, please follow these rules when visiting a Fuse Entertainment plot:

  1. Follow all rules put in place by the Palace Network. (Found Here: https://forums.palace.network/forum/4-community-information/ )
  2. Listen to, and respect all Fuse Staff members while visiting our plots.
  3. Remain in guest areas, on pathways and avoid going backstage unless specific permission has been given. This means no flying or parkour.
  4. Follow all signage that has been put in place on our plots.
  5. Failure to comply with these rules may or may not result in a ban from Fuse plots (referring to EpiCentral in this case).

More rules will be added over time that are directly related to the convention.

I have a question that wasn't mentioned on this list! Don't worry! Send a comment below and we'll be sure to answer your question, as well as update this forum post to include it.

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