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After much debate over the future of VolcanoWorld. We have decided that a new park takeover was the best choice. VolcanoWorld is being transformed into Spooky Island. This park will feature all sorts of stuff.


The Island Of Nightmares


Volcano: This beast of a coaster will make sure to scare you right. Towering over 49 blocks tall, this amazing coaster is the perfect addition to your signature rides.

Portal: The Ride: This lovely ride will sure to make your head spin while solving puzzles and getting out before GLADos finds you. One of the most complex rides at Spooky Island our Volcaneers have ever created.

Skeleton Falls: Want to be wet and be scared at the same time? This ride is filled to brim with fright and spooks of all sorts. Will you be brave enough to journey into the paranormal unknown?


Every Day Halloween: Our signature firework show. This will sure to scare you and your friends with fireshooters and fireworks. 

Unexpected Scare Show: Theses shows are a mystery. You never know what show song might pop up!


Spooky Island Hotel: This is the first thing you walk into if you choose the main pathway. This signature hotel has lots of rooms and of course amazing food and activities.

Volcano Hotel: This hotel is nice and fiery, Set against a nice tropical background and some rides. You will sure to love this hotel! 


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