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VolcanoWorld is now Spooky Island

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After months of debate on the future of VolcanoWorld. DeepLava Resorts has decided to transform the park into Spooky Island. This brand new park will incorporate elements of the old VolcanoWorld park and transform into the new park. However this does not mean the VolcanoWorld name will be going away. Instead, We are going to use the name for a new park and idea for it. 

Spooky Island was in the past a park for DeepLava Resorts but due to inactivity from the owner and a plot clear. We are starting something new and amazing experiences for those who want it. As far as rides that got saved. Only one got saved, Volcano Coaster got saved but will be rerouted and rework to create the best experience we can give you. We hope you understand this decision.


The Island Of Nightmares


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