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Palace Network server update.

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  • Cast Member

Rank changes:



Lead Lead.



Moderator / MediaCast Member.

Technician / BuilderImagineer.

Special Guest VIP / Influencer.

Shareholder Shareholder.

HonorableClub 33.


NoblePremier Passport.

Dweller Passholder.



Store changes:

Shareholder - $10 a month.

Club 33 - $50.

DVC - $30.

Premier Passport - $20.

Passholder - $10.



  • Brand new hub!
  • Creative update complete!
  • Guests can now connect using 1.16!
  • Store facelift!
  • Staff, Guide and Creator applications will no longer be submitted on the forums. Please use /apply in game.


Coming soon:

  • Revamped achievement system, revamped leaderboard system and a player-driven economy system.
  • Nicknames for Shareholders, VIP, Influencers and Staff.
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