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Palace Speakers - RRainbow_ Interview

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"Hello friends I’m RRainbow_! I am currently a guest relations cast member here on Palace! I’ve have been a part of the staff team since June 22, 2020, almost a year! It may not be visible by my tag but a little known fact about me, is that I’m actually involved in our amazing character department here on palace! I’ve been a part of the character team as an attendant since December and I’ve love every single moment of it!"

Question: How did you hear about Palace (MCMagic) and what made you decide to stay?

Answer: In 2013 I discovered a video by a YouTuber named ZackScott about a server that was Disney world in Minecraft. I was immediately interested in the server known as MCMagic that I had to visit the server. When I first arrived at MCMagic, I was extremely blown away by how incredible and kind the guests and staff members were to me! I became instantly hooked on the server, that I decided to apply for MCMagic staff, however, applying three times, I was denied. I decided to take a break for quite a while as I was dealing with a lot of personal business with school and family,. I’ve made my long awaited return around January last year, and from there I decided to apply for guide. I eventually made it into the very first group of guides, and in three months I eventually was promoted to a staff member! Palace (MCMagic) has been a part of me for about eight years now and it will continue for many more magical years to come!


Question: What motivates you to come on to the Palace Network?

Answer: We usually have a bunch of guests come on to the server everyday, and one of my favorite parts of being a moderator is being able to interact with guests as I try to make guests day a lot more magical, whether it be hosting group rides, playing mini games, or helping a character come visit our lovely guests, I always strive to make every guest feel welcomed and excited to come onto the server! Obviously, I cannot forget about the amazing cast members I get to work with as well! As a guest relations cast member, I work with just about everyone on the staff team as our main role is to interact with guests and moderate chat to make sure everyone is having a safe and magical time on the server!


Question: What steps have you taken to get to your current role on the Staff Team?

Answer: I gained confidence to then eventually apply for the MCMagic staff team. However, after three times of applying, I was denied. I honestly felt extremely defeated, but I didn’t let negative thoughts stop me from trying! However my personal life hit me to the point where I had to take a very long break from the server. When I made my return in January, I kept staff applications in the back of my mind as I was slowly returning, and I remember one day in March, I received a notification on the palace discord introducing something brand new called the guide program, so I decided to apply! When I received a response that I was accepted into the guide program, I lost my mind! I couldn’t believe it, I was then promoted to a guide on March 22, 2020! Eventually, staff applications open up for guides, and I applied. After a few days from submitting my application, I was accepted for an interview! I was getting extremely close to my goal! After my interview, I received a DM that I was accepted to be a part of the staff team as a guest relations trainee! I was in tears of joy because I finally reached my goal, and I was proudly promoted to a trainee in June 22, 2020! Eventually I worked my way up to become a cast member! Finally, in the mist of being a cast member, I grew a love and passion for the character program! I decided to apply for a character attendant position, and I was accepted as a character attendant on December 17, 2020! I am extremely happy with where I am at today! I wish I could go back and tell myself all that I know now! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Question: What is one important lesson that the Staff team has taught you?

Answer: Being on the staff team is a learning experience not just on the server but in real life too! As I am almost an adult now, I truly wouldn’t be who I am today without the server! From learning from mistakes to getting better at my communication skills! (as I am an extremely shy person) Almost all of my closest friends came from the server and I am truly grateful for that! I also truly love what I am doing and that’s why I am still here to this day!


Question: What advice would you give to a Guest who is thinking about joining the Staff team? 

Answer: Anyone that truly loves coming on the server and loves hanging out with us along with being very helpful in chat I highly recommend giving it a try! You may not get it your first try but never ever give up! Anything is possible if you put hard work and dedication towards your goals!


Question: What’s the best part of Palace Network to you? 

Answer: Oh my goodness! Everything about this server is wonderful the guests, staff members, and the incredible recreation of my favorite place to take a vacation! Palace truly makes me feel like home as I am able to express my Disney side  and I can also truly be myself without any criticism! That is my favorite thing about palace!


"Thank you so much, for reading my inspirational messages! Also shoutout to the amazing Staff Relations Coordinators PupThunder and CamShea for doing these amazing Palace Speaker interviews! Always remember, never give up on your dreams! I really hope these messages have inspired you to apply for the Staff team! You can always find me at The Haunted Mansion or at Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway! See ya around friends! ❤️"

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