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A few forum quirks.

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I've noticed a few things about the new forums.  The first was that we don't have the option for a signature, which I hope stays that way since it makes for a much cleaner forum.  Second, we have no DM option at the moment, which I expect is because they currently cannot be moderated?  Or maybe you have to have an account for a certain amount of time before they unlock.  The last is that I've noticed that there's no way to see a user's typed description on their profile, as far as I can tell.  Anyone else notice any forum quirks?

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Hey seanscot, 

if you would like to make a bug report about the stuff you said so then we can look into it to see if it is a bug on the forums or not. To do this there is a menu button on the top right. Click that and is should say something like bug reports or something like that. Click that and make a report as then it will go directly to us.



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