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The last 3 times that I've logged onto Creative to work on my friends and I's build. We see that either blocks are broken or things open or out of place. The first time I noticed it was when I went to our drop tower ride and our staff door was gone and our redstone input was not how I built it. Second was just doors left open. Tonight, someone got into our castle that was sealed, some how broke my redstone door, broke a podium at the station and then tried to run the ride with an empty minecart which didn't make a hill which then ran redstone and the ride depends on the minecart making it to close and reset everything after itself. Also, in one of the show scenes, both doors were left wide open. We know that there's nothing inside so we know we didn't leave them open. It's both of our pet peeves if one another does it lol.  I understand checking out stuff but please, it's common curiosity to not go pressing buttons or messing around on plots and then don't cleanup after yourselves. Thank You

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