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Palace Speakers - baifelicia Interview

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"Hi there! baifelicia here, your favorite (just kidding) cast member! I've been apart of the team since the end of January this year, and I've been on the guide program before since July! I joined the Network as a whole since April of last year though."

How did you hear about Palace (MCMagic) and why did you decide to stay?
"I heard about Palace back when it was MCMagic, and I was searching for a Disney themed server to play on as I missed my home park, Disneyland. I stumbled upon MCMagic when you still had to download resource packs, but I rediscovered Palace during quarantine and it made my days more bearable as I missed Disney World and Disneyland."

What motivates you to come onto the Palace Network?
"Honestly? The community always makes me excited to hop onto Palace since everyone is welcoming and kind, and helping others is a true joy in my life."

What steps have you taken to get to your current role on the Staff team?
"I started off on the Guide Team since I knew that I wanted to be on the Guest Relations team! I got here through consistently helping out the community for several months, and my commitment paid off."

What is one important lesson that the Staff team has taught you?
"The Staff Team has taught me to deal with pressure, especially when there are stressful situations such as large events where many people are asking questions at once. I'm now able to handle these pressures in these situations and I remain calm throughout any situation."

What advice would you give to a guest who is thinking about joining the Staff Team?
"My biggest piece of advice is to stay consistent and committed, as the staff team is volunteer work and you want to remain consistent in your behavior to other guests when remaining helpful."

What’s the best part of The Palace Network to you?
"The magic! I love the magic on the server, whether it be through characters, games, shows, or just guest interactions. It makes Palace feel more like a home."

"Tata for now! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my interview and have a magical day! ❤️"

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