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hii, I'm benzile but you can call me ben! you have probably seen me around palace quite a lot as I joined way back in 2016.

I am a proud part of the LGBTQ+ community (gay) and I use he/they pronouns. I live in the UK and some of my main interests include: musical theatre, disney and rpdr. I have a unique disorder or a form of autism called Aspergers or ASD (autism spectrum disorder). this just means I am a bit more quiet in real life and you will know that if you have ever spoken to me on voice chat. 😅 it also means that I sometimes have trouble socialising and my anxiety levels tend to change quite frequently, but Palace has provided a super friendly and understanding community which I am really grateful for. I am currently studying technical theatre in real life and my dream is to one day work as a lighting technician on the west end. if you ever see me on the server (I am usually on creative), feel free to come and say hi! 

stay iconic!



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