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Palace Speakers - JustBrody Interview

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  • Coordinator

"Hey there! My name is JustBrody, but you can call me, well... just Brody! A lot of people call me Bro Bro though, so that's a fun one! I have been a part of Palace way back since MCMagic in 2016, before rejoining in July of 2020! I am currently your friendly Cast Member here on the server and have been a part of the wonderful team since January of 2021 when I received my Trainee tag! I am currently only on the GR and Moderation team, but I hope to expand to new teams in the future!"

How did you hear about Palace (MCMagic) and why did you decide to stay?
"Wow, it has been such a long time since discovering McMagic, but I do remember discovering the server on YouTube and falling in love with it! I do recall going over to a friend's house to hang out one day and seeing that they had Minecraft installed. I asked them if they had played the server or heard of it and they said yes! After much convincing, they eventually let me play on the server for a while until I realized hours later that I was still taking over their PC; I was so interested and invested in the server that it brought me to buying Minecraft myself for the sole purpose of checking out the server! I’m thankful that friend allowed me to dive deeper into the server because I might not have revisited it without that experience! As I mentioned, the community, the experiences, and the overall incredible atmosphere of the server is what caused me to stay. It is merely impossible to leave the server without a smile. It felt as if I was actually at Disney in the moments I missed the real-life parks the most. The hard work and dedication put in by the staff team, as well as the welcoming spirit of the community inspired me to continue my journey!"

What motivates you to come onto the Palace Network?
"Let’s be honest, life outside of Palace can be tough, and sometimes all we need is an escape. Palace is that escape for me! Not only is it a way to remove those tough situations and be welcomed with open arms on the server, but it is also a way to grow friendships with others who may be in the same shoes as you. I have truly grown to develop so many new best friends and teammates on the server that will stick by my side even when we may not know each other in the real world. It is crazy to look back at the journey I have undergone and see where I am today; I feel this is the biggest reason I continue to come onto Palace. I have had the privilege to be given so many incredible opportunities to impact and help the community even more and I am continuously amazed at how the server is progressing. I feel so motivated and encouraged to further these progressions as a part of the staff team, as it not only affects myself but others around me and the community as a whole! I am constantly reminded of how grateful I am for all that palace has to offer!"

What steps have you taken to get to your current role on the Staff team?
"The process of gaining my current role has taken much time, probably dating back to July of 2020 when I first applied for guide! Although I was not accepted the first time I applied, it only motivated me to work even harder and dedicate an increase of time and effort to making the server an efficient and happy place to visit! Through consistency and not giving up, I was able to apply for guide again in September of 2020 and I was accepted! I continued to put in hard work and dedication as a guide, to ultimately make the program the best it can be. After some time, I was able to apply and be accepted as a Trainee in January of 2021, which later led to becoming a Mod/CastMember in March of 2021! This whole process was no easy feat, but in the end, it was all worth it! Every minute spent on the server helping out and simply being a positive influence means something. It’s incredible to see everything play out!"

How has Palace impacted your life, is there anything you take from Palace and use in real life?
"Palace has impacted my life in so many ways by supplying me with a bunch of new, incredible friendships and teaching me more about how to be a welcoming and influential leader. I was in an area in my life when becoming interested in the staff team, where I just needed people who would build me up and be there in every season; that’s what I was given when becoming apart! This community has been nothing but loving and kind towards me and it has impacted me to be the same way towards anyone I come face-to-face within the server and in real life! Along with this aspect, through training and growth, I have learned even more about how to be a positive influence and a light to others, no matter their background or history. Joining a server with many players you do not know/are not in the same room can be challenging, but I have learned to be an accepting and loving example to any guest that needs encouragement, assistant, or a simple friend! All these are easily applicable in real life and I am so thankful for the life lessons Palace has taught me!"

What advice would you give to a guest who is thinking about joining the Staff Team?
"I would say GO FOR IT when you get the chance! Applying to be a part of the staff team can be a challenging process, but as long as you are consistent and dedicated to helping the server reach its full potential, then you will reach the goals you set your mind to in no time. Remember, difficult things come with a patient process, but if you have the confidence to go after those goals you put into place, you CAN DO IT! And even when life gets you down, or things may not go the way you expected, MOVE FORWARD! Good things come with hard work, patience, and consistency."

What’s the best part of The Palace Network to you?
"The best part of Palace to me is the realism and attention to detail that the staff team puts in, as well as the tight-knit community we have here! When entering Palace, you truly are entering a well-thought-out and professional experience that will take you somewhere! On those days when you just wanna be in the parks, isn’t it incredible that you can enter the magic from the comfort of your own home, partnered with a. welcoming and positive community? Now THAT'S what makes Palace the place it is! I am extremely thankful that I get to be a part of a team that operates in excellence and professionalism in all they do while ensuring a safe and fun experience!"

Elaborate on your application response about your recent achievements; what was the experience like?
"Although I have had notable achievements such as being a part of the guide program, as well as being accepted onto the staff team, I take pride in the little things. Any time that a come in contact with a guest and they leave satisfied, happy, and impacted, that is a victory for me! Being a part of the GR team has held many special moments and interactions with guests resulting in many wins! Those small moments make big impacts, and I am thankful for every little and big achievement I have been able to experience. It is incredible to be given the opportunity to help so many different, unique people, and it is even greater to see those people walk away with a smile. In my book, this tells me that the experience was a job well done! Showing proper care and giving guests the experience of a lifetime not only is my job but is a privilege! When this privilege produces positive results... BOOM, there’s a win! I encourage anyone who is reading this to celebrate the little wins in life, they may make a bigger impact than you will ever know!"

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We're so lucky to have Brody on our team, it's lovely to know people have stuck around for so long with the dream of joining the staff team. So inspiring! 💙

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