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Palace Forecast - June 19th, 2018

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Hello loves!

Welcome back to another weekly forecast! Temporarily in written form! Can you believe how fast we went through June?! Time sure does fly, but we aren't done with our celebrations just yet. Let's hop into the news!

General News

A quick reminder that our Pride cosmetics are still all for sale in our store! They will only be available during Pride, so make sure to purchase yours soon. If you love all things rainbow, and also love helping out a charity, these are a perfect fit. 50% of our profits from these cosmetics will be donated to the It Gets Better Project. Check them out here: https://store.palace.network/

As mentioned last week, a new event will be coming very shortly that I think all of you will be very pleased with. Let's just hope you don't get seasick or sunburned easily.... Nothing a little sunscreen can fix, stay tuned!

Summer Seasonal is also on its way. I'm sure you've noticed many of the ominous teasers we've been posting, and I can promise you that you will have sooo much fun. Unfortunately, we still have some work to do, but it will be ready for all of you to jump in to shortly. Also, expect many more teasers to come. ; )


Congratulations to the winners of last weekend's build off, the Purple team! The team consisted of Shapliersole, 02Jamez02, BangtanTheScene, Partygeezer, _Disneyfreak_BTL_2_or_Bob, HyraxNxus, and FlipperSon98. The theme was love & Pride, and they intertwined that perfectly with their build. Take a look at some pictures here. 

Lastly, for all of you character fans, applications are now open! They will remain open on the forums until Monday, June 25th at 12:30 PM EST. Mae sure to be signed - Check them out here.

Character of the Week

You may have noticed that we have a weekly event on our forums with a character of the week. Their image is blurred out, and you have to guess which character it is!

Congratulations to last week's winners, cjh66, PeachMKP, and SurvivalSam!

Check out this week's here.

Screenshot Spotlight

For the month of June and Pride, I'm going to be picking a screenshot to feature every Forecast! These are chosen from our #PalacePride on social media!



This screenshot was submitted by SmileyGamerGir1 on Twitter, thanks for the submission!




If you'd like to have the chance to get featured, submit your photos to #PalacePride on Twitter & Instagram!

Creative Spotlight


Our Creative Spotlight this week was built by davidzooFrancisDaPugtato, HamiltonUK, bsd24038, and louiewho. It was inspired by imagination, Disney, Universal & more.

Visit: /warp csbuild on Creative.

Apply: https://goo.gl/xrFVrs 

View pictures below!




That's all for now. As always, keep most updated through our social media. Thanks & much love! 


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Nice :) i excited for Summer Seasonal, i just wish DLR was open to Dwellers :3

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Hello, I Would like to add My Park is looking a tad bit different Now xD We are adding more detail and more Amusement!

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