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Pixar Studios App

Hello. My name is SuperPotato, and I am the owner/founder of Pixar Studios. Pixar Studios is a widely immersive theme park coming soon to Palace Creative. It will feature rides, shows, shopping and dining experiences, plus the Art of Pixar Resort, a highly-themed resort with some of your favorite Pixar Pals. Now, lets get on to how you can apply.


First, you need to choose which job you want. You can choose between: Builder, Cast Member, Store Clerk, Character, Actor, Technician, or Waitress. Next, you need to go to this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeieWn4PwB8GV7FCx7ItRx5_MwOEAM3xQwb1FgsRx016CA33w/viewform


That's basically it. We will be giving out more info later to park opening. :)



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