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Hey, I'm Sirje

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Hi all, my name is Sirje. (pronounced kinda like "Syria" but more accented. If my "weird name" is any clue, I come from a secret land called Estonia. Nobody know's where it's at. (But it's in the Baltics, bordering Russia, Finland (kinda) and Latvia) 

Though of course, just call me Feral, it is easier.  ;)I could have sworn I had an account here before, but I can't for the life of me remember my login details (and perhaps it was indeed for the old site)

Anyway, I love Disney, despite being of an older age than most on here (I'm a legal adult, even if I don't act like it often) my favorite films include: Nightmare Before Christmas (my halloween skin is Sally!) Lilo & Stitch, Vaiana (Moana, she is called Vaiana in Estonia xP), Lion King, Emperors New Groove, 101 dalmatians, lady and the tramp, aristocats, jungle book...most of the classics tbh. x3 I don't really have an all time favorite character, or favorite song, I could never choose one. It changes all the time (though I will always have huge love for Hei-Hei, I love that dumb chicken!)


Other than Disney, Iike nature, animals (I have a lot of pets) music (favorite singer is Kerli, hence my username x3), and gaming among other things. Idk what else to say, so Hi, again.

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