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Palace Forecast - July 2nd, 2018

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Hello loves!

Welcome back to another weekly forecast! Apologies for the lack of a newsletter last week, we are currently re-organizing our entertainment media team! Video-form forecasts shall be returning soon, and we thank you for your patience! For now, let's hop into the news!  

General News

Can you hardly believe that July 2018 is already here? Summer is just flying by! June has flown by, and Pride with it! We had such a wonderful time celebrating diversity & acceptance with all of you during last month. Another big thank you to everyone who purchased pride cosmetics, and they will be returning next year. Just because Pride month is over doesn't mean that the movement isn't, continue fighting for love throughout the year, and we will remain solid with our message of acceptance. We can hardly wait for next year either, many new celebrations are already being brainstormed! 

Going a little further in-depth to our media team updates, we have a lot of new content planned for you guys. Already we have some shows going up on our channel, and you can check those out here. Besides just recordings of shows though, we have multiple shows in the works, ride POVs, and much more! The Forecast will be returning as well, under new direction. Our previous director, Clay, has retired due to personal reasons. We thank him for all of the hard work he put into the show, and can't wait to see where it will go next. 

As many of you know, Summer Seasonal is on its way! We loveee some good teasers, so keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter & Dreambig's Twitter! 

Screenshot Spotlight

For the month of June and Pride, I picked a screenshot to feature every Forecast! These were chosen from our #PalacePride on social media! This will be the last spotlight for this Pride, and we hope to continue this segment in the future!


This feature was taken from Sowachowski on Twitter! DgiTcHGX0AAgpH2.jpg-large.jpeg.27f8cb8b69b20a7322dfa57ea2182841.jpeg


Creative Spotlight

Our Creative Spotlight this week was built by SavannahJauregui. With help from BTLTeamBTL, SurvivalSam, and ItzJustLauren. It's a mini recreation of Havana, Cuba.

Visit: /warp csbuild on Creative.

Apply: https://goo.gl/xrFVrs 

View pictures below!




That's all for now. As always, keep most updated through our social media. Thanks & much love! 

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