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Parties Every Month

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So I had an idea (Similar to @JustinsWorld4U) that I thought was pretty good. So, I was thinking, maybe we could have a party every month, related to an event. Here's what I have.


January=New Years Party

February=Valentines Day Party

March=St. Patricks Day Party (Or Easter Party if its in March)

April=Spring Party (Or Easter Party if its in April)

May=Graduation Party

June= Pride Party 

July=4th Of July Party

August=Beach Party

September= Back to School Party

October= Halloween Party

November= Thanksgiving Dinner (A party with dinner)

December=Christmas Party


I hope you liked my idea. If you can't do that, its fine, I just really like parties, and it would be really fun to go.

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Honestly such a good idea, would definitely attend all of these if they ended up adding it! (:

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Hello @SuperPotato711!

Amazing idea! From time to time we do have these parties. For example, we had a graduation party last year and then also a back to school party. This year, 2017, we had a Thanksgiving Feast at Be Our Guest with Minnie and Mickey Mouse also. I love the idea however!

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I love the idea! But the only thing that I don't like it the fact of the Back to school cause, hehe, not many of us enjoy school xD! Nah I was joking, but what would we have as a celebration as it?

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This is a good idea

but seeing as palace isn’t just home to American guests, have something different for the parties that are “American themed” (like 4th of July)

or make a few of the holiday parties parties where you show custom/traditions during that holiday from around the world.

for example Christmas, because this is celebrated differently around the world.

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