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A guide to be... Creative?!?!?


Lacking ideas, feeling unsure of what to go with.
Not sure how to make it into reality?

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Its not easy to be creative, So an advice i used to give was take inspiration from something personal.
It doesnt matter if you are good at building or not, as long as you have fun. Improving on your building skills come over time.
As we all know all roads to rome wasnt build in one day, or however the saying goes.

Welp now you have something personal to go from, anything it could be architecture, movies, characters. It could music, childhood memories, or theme parks.

IT COULD BE ANYTHING! as the dreamfinder probably would say.


But we have our foundation, our creativity, know we needs to make it real.
How you might ask?

By making a building plan, sketch out the ideas, make a layout of the area that the build is gonna fill if its buildings make something like a floor plan, use different wool to colour code stuff.

Have a good sense of how wide and how high the build is gonna be before building it. also make sure to pick out a palette of blocks so you know the blocks you build fit each other.

For example dont go using two things that dont fits each (Diamond and emeralds nearly never fits each other as an example in architectural types of build)

Okay now we have a sense of how big a build we gonna have, we have sketches, reference images, and idea of how it looks.

Now we need to know what kind of build we building, and you might go "I'm building a house" but what im asking is how detailed we going.

We going minimalistic and not detailed, minimalistic and overdetailed, somewhere in between. This requires experience like picking out a palette or making a good sketch, and doesnt just  come out of nowhere on the first build. But a good starting point is playing around with designs and asking friends or people you think are good builders for opinions.

Another important thing is what style of build you are building, for example if you building a house, you going for treehouse, victorian house, castle, fortress, surburban house. etc. The possibilities are endless so its better to have a clear idea from the start where the build should be heading so you dont get a bad looking version of mystic manor (its on purpose a lot of different styles, but worked very hard to fit together to its weird cool uniqueness)

Welp all there should be to it is to hop to it

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And good luck building, hope this guide is helpfull in some way :>

Sincerely - jedder (cheese)

P.S. remember to take breaks if you feel frustrated, and if you building with friends make sure to listen to their input, and work together so you dont get mad on each other. Dont go changing builds drastically without asking the others first ^-^

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