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Feedback for Summer Meet and Greet

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Hi there,

I just wanted to thank you guys for doing a great job always! I know that running big events like this and doing the big, holiday character meet and greets is a lot of work. I just wanted to mention some feedback that might make things even better for guests next time. I'm using me as an example- I was unlucky today because two times I didnt  get to meet any characters after waiting a long time in queue. The first time, a staff announced that it is almost time for the second round of characters, and the character (Kylo Ren and Han Solo) I was waiting for just left. The same thing happened again for the second round, but the character (Flounder) at least came out to give quick autographs before he left. Since I didnt meet any characters, I wanted to do a photo on #Palace-Pics on discord but I couldn't. :( 

So what I'm saying is even though I seemed to have very bad luck at the Summer Meet and Greet, I wanted to suggest maybe doing something special for the people who are in queue but don't get to meet the character since the line is so big. What Flounder did, by coming out to at least sign autographs was good and made the people somewhat happy to at least get something after waiting for so long. So, I'd say maybe next time do something like what Flounder did, and not what Kylo Ren and Han Solo did. 


If you have any comments, Put it down here '




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Hello @skrhak4!

We appreciate the feedback for the Meet and Greet. For these big events, we get big numbers and it's hard for us to close the queue because then it makes Guests feel upset. A lot of these characters come on our parks from time to time, so you can meet them then. The staff members who run these big Meet and Greets set time limits and restraints for the rounds so there can be as many different characters as there can. Again, thank you for the feedback!

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@skrhak4 even though i never had gone to a summer MandG before, ik how it feels not to get picked after waiting ages. i used to have your bad luck when i first started. never meeting chars. but hey! at least its not the only time chars come one :3

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Posted (edited)

Problem is People Go ontop of eachother at the same time!

It will just make it harder for The Character to pick someone

& make lines longer & stressful

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