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It's Stormie out there!

Guest Oh_My_Stormm

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Guest Oh_My_Stormm

Hello! My name is Oh_My_Stormm! But you could call me Stormie! :3 I'm here to tell you a bit about myself! So..Let's get started!!

I really love to build creative mode, It's kinda my thing! ever since I joined Minecraft back in 2014, I've loved to play! Palace/McMagic was my second server I ever joined, After a Vanilla Minecraft Server that has been shut down for three years, but y'know. 

Other than Minecraft I don't use my computer much. I tried Fortnite, I don't really like it.. Hey! don't get mad. I just don't prefer it. I like Minecraft.

I've been fond of a city called Toronto, Canada for quite some time, BUT. I don't like to focus on major buildings like The Rogers Centre , Or CN Tower, I like buildings like One King West (Look it up) 


For three years on this server I've built a mall, All different designs on the creative server every-time it resets, I think malls are amazing, Mind you I've never been in a large one. 

That's a little bit about me, Storm, and where I belong in the Minecraft World, Thank you.

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