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The choice of censored words and actions within the server



Now as a new member of your servers community I wish not to make issues, as a discord server owner I know how difficult it is to manage people. 
Now I believe some of the rules or censored activities on the creative server should be addressed as I believe the rules to be silly or outrageously Ludacris.

My first issue will be the fact that there can be no relationship/family roleplays regardless of the topic they insue. The banning of such topic is silly and just makes the people on the server question the topic more which will make them banned.
My suggestion for this topic, simple, set boundaries about what relationships and family roleplay may contain but don't ban the topic, if you would like, I could set the rules to be family friendly for you.

My second issue, the word damn is censored... It's not a swear word and in fact in many schools, the word damn doesn't merit censorship.

Now you may make the argument that people will abuse the fact that damn isn't censored, in which I can understand issues arising from, however, the 0.1% of your community who will abuse this could just be kicked or muted.


My third and final issue (for this post)
Talking about topics. Your staff seems to like to not make arguments on why certain things are censored or blocked and many (and I mean many) members of your community have been threatened with bans and mute whenever referring to a taboo issue. If you are going to ban certain topics, give an actual reason and "it's not suitable for this server" is not a reasonable reason for a topic to be censored. For example, family/relationships are explored in every Disney movie, but they aren't suitable for your server, now we both know that is ludicrous so don't try to make excuses around that topic.

Hope you take these thoughts into consideration,
Owner of a discord server
Mentor for some
Max Logically
(p.s I know this isn't a letter/essay, I just like ending things like this)

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Hello @Maxlogically!

We appreciate your post. For family and dating purposes and relationships, we don't do those as those cause a lot of drama in the server. Yes, Disney movies do portray relationships, but it can get out of hand quickly on the server and some inappropriate role plays relating to families and dating happen on the server, so that's why we don't have them. 

Second topic you mentioned is the only reason we do it, is because it can be taken out of context and our whole motto for the server is family-friendly. So no swearing, etc. I know there is another word Guests can use that's similar but has a different meaning, they can use that, but not the word you mentioned above.

Third topic, a lot of the times Guests would come up to us and ask what's appropriate or not, and a lot of our staff members answer them. A lot of the reasons are just because they are violent or inappropriate. Our rules, which you can view at palnet.us/rules, are basic rules of the server and keeping it family-friendly and fun.

Thank you for the post, we do appreciate that. Enjoy the server!

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