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Hello Palace.

One of the many many reasons that Palace is so awesome is a few things

1 is its amazing Family Friendly Content. this is the only server that HAS such a family friendly swear word Remover. some servers DO SAY to keep family friendly buuuut... there isn't the cc that Palace has... and that leads to number 2.

2 is the many friendly members and donors. again, this is the only server that has a donor rank system like Palace. most servers just say "buy this rank to get LOADS of stuff!" but Palace is mainly just so that you can donate to HELP the server grow and become a great place... the happiest server, on earth... okay that doesn't sound correct. while donors DO get some cool stuff (such as previews, hangouts and being able to change time) its mainly so that ppl can look up to them for help, even if they are not staff.

3 which is the most important one... Staff. this is something most servers fail at having: dedicated staff. staff on other servers mainly only come on like once a year (ok not really but it feels like it) but the amazing things about the good staff is bc, well they stop at nothing to having a safe, secure, and happy server.

sorry if this is a little long but this is less of a staff complement... its more of a Everything on the server complement...

Long story short...


the main staff that make my visits to palace awesome is Scanny, the first staff i encountered and my first /friend and still a great friend... i would type loads of other ppl but i don't want to leave anyone out bc i have a lot of ppl who made my day at Palace AMAZING! another big highlight is @SurvivalSam who sadly no longer comes to Palace Network... he was my first follower and in the short time we were friends on the forums and server we were amazing friends... we will always miss you Sam... very badly. sorry of the big length

-cjh66 meeper, Guest, Shareholder, then Dweller.


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