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Hi palace network! My name is oodpengi it's also my current minecraft username!

I had an amazing idea for magic kingdom, you can also spread this idea throughout the whole park. I don't know if you guys have heard of this but, in Disney they have these "Disney pins", they are pins of Disney characters and they come in mystery bags. You can buy the mystery bags in gift shops throughout the park. In the mystery bags you can find the Disney pins. They are just collectibles and fun to have. I've seen people trade them too. So my concept is, like in real life Disney parks you can go to a gift shop and buy a Disney mystery pin bag. Once you buy the mystery bag you get a random pin and you don't know which one your going to get! The mystery bags could be 50$ but thats up to you guys. It would add another concept to this park by collecting pins and you can also show off to others the pins you have. You guys could take this idea as far as you want and change as much as you want about it! I hope you choose this suggestion and think farther into it!!


sincerely, oddpengi




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