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Trainee Application - Writing Guide

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Trainee Application - Writing Guide

If you have general questions about the application process please check out our FAQ thread HERE.


What do we look for in an application?

Your application needs to show us you have what it takes to be a Staff Member here on Palace Network. The applications we love to read are those that show personality and maturity, especially those that use real-life experiences to indicate why they are best to become a Staff Member. Although there is no specific length of response that we are looking for, we prefer to receive responses that show thought and personal reflection.

Does presentation count?

Even though we use a form system rather than a forum template, the presentation is massive and it shows us you've taken the time and effort to submit an application. By presentation we mean the following:

  • Paragraphs are well laid out
  • Correct grammar and punctuation
  • You show maturity in your choice of wording
  • Creative writing techniques to express your personality
  • And above all making sure your paragraphs make sense.

Give detail on how you are the person for the role of Trainee

It's important for us as a reader to get to know you within your application. If you use real-life examples, i.e. I did this or I've done that, make sure you explain why this would help you as a Staff Member and why it will benefit you. Make sure you give some examples to show that you have developed certain skills; explain why your experiences demonstrate you are right for a Staff Member role.

Make your application unique to you

Your application should reflect you and who you are. We get hundreds of applications during each application period and it's surprising how many of them are very similar.  We know that you all have skills, experiences and personality traits that make you unique and we want to see those reflected in your application. Make sure you read through your answers and ask yourself, does my answer reflect who I am?

Be honest

Don’t hide any infractions you may have on the server. We background check all applicants, and if you lie on your application, it will lead to instant denial. As mentioned in the FAQ thread, we do not instantly deny you for having previous infractions if you can show that you have matured since then.

Above all, make sure it's a true representation of yourself and not just something we want to hear. Its clear to us when you write things that aren't true.

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