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Network Ranks

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Palace Network Ranks

This guide has been designed to give an insight into all the different ranks, both Guests and Staff, here on Palace Network.

To find out how to become a Staff Member, head over HERE .


Staff Ranks



The Manager rank is the highest rank on the Network and they run the Administration Team. They ultimately oversee the day to day running of the server and with help from the Administrators make the final decisions on important server matters.



Administrators are the heads of the community. Administrators are responsible for every major aspect of the community and they each have specific jobs. Some of our current Admin positions include:

  • Parks Admin
  • Community Manager
  • Show & Tech Admin
  • Creative & Seasonal
  • Web Administration
  • Guest Relations

Administrators often commission staff to help them with various projects and are promoted from the current pool of Senior Moderators. 



The Developers are responsible for every single aspect of the server plugins, making all servers work properly, adding new features, and addressing bugs that are reported. They are responsible for keeping the servers playable. A common misconception with Developers is that they build aspects of the parks. This is not true and is actually done by our build team of Moderators and Senior Moderators.


Senior Moderators

Senior Moderators oversee specific aspects of the community and are directed by Administrators. They often work behind the scenes leading a small team of Moderators. Senior Moderators also assist the Administrators with anything needed and sometimes can act as a crucial link between Moderators and Administrators. Senior Moderators are hired from within the current staff team. They are promoted for their hard work, dedication, and trustworthiness. They frequently act as the go-to's for various projects and often take leadership roles within the staff team. Senior Moderator roles can include:

  • Characters
  • Events
  • Parks
  • Shows
  • Forums
  • and much more!



Moderators form the backbone of the Staff Team. Their responsibilities including making sure Guests follow the rules and punishing those who don’t accordingly. They're also responsible for forum moderation and are expected to be role models and provide an enjoyable experience for players. Moderators can also take on secondary roles from their primary Guest Relations role, these can be builders, ride and show technicians, or working in our Character Attendant team. Moderators are promoted from our Trainee Staff pool.



Trainees are the most junior rank within the Staff Team. They are promoted from successful applicants who have completed the Staff Application Process. Trainees are expected to also moderate and assist with any questions players may have. Small problems are usually dealt with by Trainees, however, if a major problem arises, they can contact higher staff such as a Moderator.



Donator Ranks

To purchase a donator rank, you may do so at store.palace.network. Full descriptions of rank perks are listed there.



Honorable is the rank upgraded from Majestic. It is the top rank you can purchase from the store.



Majestic is the rank upgraded from Noble. It comes with some pretty cool features!



Noble is the upgraded rank from Dweller and is the first rank that allows you to view new expansions to the parks before anyone else!



Dweller is the first rank upgraded from the normal Settler rank and gives you DVC Seating in all Shows and Parades!


Guest Ranks


This rank is achieved by joining the server and gives you access to all the parks that are open, with the exception of current expansions being built. It also gives you access to Creative!

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