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Creeper Village: A huge build with a twist

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Hej everyone, I am CreeperKG. Today I'm here to talk about the massive project on my plot!

I must warn you that this is a bit of a long post; it's more of a story than a showcase.

Here are the main details:

  • It is a plateau enveloping a giant pit filled with houses, a moat w/ a ship,  a fortress that connects both levels of elevation, a huge mansion, and a long shopping district.
  • Will cover the full 200x200 space when it's done
  • Is made entirely by one person (me xD)
  • Everybody who was been to the build so far has left surprised and/or amazed!

How it started:

The spruce ship


This ship right here was once the only thing on the plot. I built this back in July 2017, when I was originally gonna build an armada of these plus some giant flagships. I decided to change it up; I surrounded it with a shape made out of stone and left a narrow ending so the ship could "escape." I worked my way down and once it was all surrounded, I filled it with water. At this point, now the ship could be around almost anything; houses, markets, etc. 

The residential district


I began to spread a bunch of frames originally made out of wool away from the ship. After that, I designated an area for the fortress and built a HUGE coarse dirt shape around everything I made so far. Then I spent an hour filling the surface under the frames with grass. I added trees and a spawnpoint towards the right of the picture. The frames use the same pattern but they all all are shaped differently. 

The fortress


After building up the shape with tons of dirt, now it was time to do the fortress. Man, this took a while; I had to fill each floor all the way up until I reached the plateau level! Contrary to its appearance and size, the fortress actually has only a few rooms. Most of the composition is tables, libraries, and stairs to the next floor. Once I reached to the higher ground, the last floor would be 2 floors tall and have a giant throne room. I'm planning on redoing this or adding some more details but it's inspired a bit off of the final boss area of Pokémon Black/White:


Snow area and start of market


"Creeper, where is the snow?" The grassy area of this picture used to be covered in snow. I decided to remove it because although the plateau was high, it wouldn't really make any sense. It took a very long time to remove, using water buckets and replacing everything with grass, but it made it easier to terraform and I might put more stuff there soon as of now.

The hole covered by the fence is the AFK altar, where you can AFK whenever you want. The oak wood/spruce wood building was originally the start to a narrow market place inspired by Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. I was going to cover that building to the fortress' corner all the way to the end of the plot with a line of spruce logs and leaves but it was later removed.

The sad part, a.k.a. the "Mega Hiatus"

It was now very late August 2017, and most of my friends from over the summer became inactive. I started to lose inspiration and interest in the build, and I was going back to school in a few days. Other games and servers started to interest me, so I played on those going into the school year. The other part was, school itself. Unlike the summer time, I couldn't game during Monday through Thursday, but I could from Friday Afternoon to Sunday Evening. High school and homework also claimed some of that window. As a result, I went on a big hiatus, occasionally visiting the server once every 2 months or something like that. 

The "recall"

It was now mid April 2018, and I received a notification saying the palace forums were new. I made an account there and after seeing old faces and stuff like that, I played a couple times between April-June. I became active again, after learning some new detailing techniques and stuff like that. I began to see flaws and "blank spots" with my build, so I began to revamp everything. 

The build "anchors" me to creative, along with the projects I help friends with, which is a good thing btw xD. 

Revamp and W.I.P (These are pictures only):

Outside the fortress



Thanks for reading this! I will update this post or thread if something significant enough happens.

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Some important changes:

-Fortress is getting a new floor currently!

-The giant frame made out of green wool, which was supposed to be a giant house for me and would also include rooms for friends, has sadly been scrapped. I think there are more important and more "versatile" things that can fill that huge spot. I'm thinking of building some kind of park there with rides and a show!

-Gift shop and the food stand at the grass hill located in the top left corner of the plot have been removed and replaced with tree-walls.

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The build is currently getting a structural rework to make it more geographically realistic. Here are the big changes:

  • South “wall” made out of dirt was knocked out. The land it stood on was used as space to extend the lake so the ship could have more room to enter the build
  • The park was cancelled; this would be good for my 2nd plot. Half the space will be knocked out to greatly extend the actual village.
  • Because of the reshaping of the water path, the giant cave hole and the narrow water path leading to it was removed as well
  • Houses will get better detailing and the leftmost near the lake will be destroyed completely; the boat wouldn’t be able to steer without hitting it
  • Flex Tape altar might be moved as well just so the ship’s position makes sense
  • A rock layer will be added to the dirt walls, and the diamond/stone pattern will be removed. It added contrast but didn’t complement the terrain well
  • The big water tunnel in the marketplace area will be removed so a fountain/etc will have more space

Imagine Phil Swift saying “hahahaha... now THAT’S alotta changes!” 

Thanks and have a good day


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