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New And Improved Introduction!

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Greetings Palace! 

If you don't know me already. Hi! I'm 789limer. But I prefer just being referred to as Limer. I am a moderator on the server and have been since April 14 2018*  

On Palace I enjoy spending fun time with staff and guests alike, from doing many fun activies such as, Riding rides, Partaking in events meeting characters and so much more!!

Personally my Favourite Park that is currently on Palace  is the Magic Kingdom, but once DLR is complete Ill change that to DLR, the reason I prefer Disneyland  because Walt Disney was there to see DLR being built with his own eyes. 

Now, I will be talking about how many times I've been to Disney / USO in real life. 

DLR: 12 times
MK: 7 Times
Epcot: 5 times
Disney Hollywood Studios 3 Times:
Animal Kingdom 2 Times:                      USO 3 Times:

To add on more irl stuff here is some more facts about the real me!

Im currently a triple citizen to three counties, Israel Australia And Canada! 

Aside from that I also enjoy traveling photography music adventures! 

Favorite song currently:
Thats How You Write A Song - Alexander Rybak 

Some cool Facts about myself!

My Birthday is September 14.
Im part of the LGBT Community, Im Pan Sexual 
My favourite food is Ground Beef Tacos
Favourite Holiday Halloween Or Hanukkah.
Favorite Disney Ride:  Jungle Cruice! 
Im a musical theatre actor and performer within the city that i live in 
When Im older I would like to be an Urban Planner Or Lawyer as a Job.

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed! <3 



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Hey Limer,

nice introduction buddy, it’s nice to learn how diverse the palace staff is by reading their introduction. Hope to see you on the server soon.

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