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CoconutMocha's Introduction

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An Introduction to CoconutMocha

So, after rekindling my love of The Palace Network after being unable to access a computer due to my old one breaking (I had no computer for a good few months but received a new one for Christmas as a present, but now I'm back online for good, woo!), I've been spending a lot of time catching up on everything that's been going on in the server and community.

As part of catching up, I decided to sign up on here to get closer to the community! :)So I thought it would be a good idea to make an introductory post so that y'all can get to know me a little better!

-I go under the name 'CoconutMocha', I'm not too sure why, I guess it might be because I like the drink. Or 'Mocha' will do just as well!

-I'm from the UK, so just offer me a cup of tea and I'll instantly be your friend.

-I'm currently a settler on The Palace Network as, like I said, I've only just set everything up again (: I'm hoping to progress to different rankings soon.

-I've been an official member since MC Magic, so quite a while I think.

-My favourite Disney film is The Lion King, I mean, it's a classic. And also Alice in Wonderland, I love that too.

-My favourite Pixar films are definitely Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo, I've always loved them ever since being little and I've probably watched them more than any other film.


So that's about it for my introductory post, feel free to message me or whatever you'd like, I'm always up for meeting new people and making new friends!

Thank you,



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